Find the right residential community for yourself or a loved one? This week’s interview with Dan Levitt of Kin Village is a not-to-be-missed discussion of the latest breakthroughs

Since the Generation Bold Podcast aired six years ago, partially because of Covid and partially because the baby boomers are aging, we have all taken a fresh look at senior residential communities, from past failures to the new, uplifting way they offer care.

Kin Village displays all the attributes of the latest trends in assisted living and continuing care residential communities. The Kinsman, a service club, started the organization about a half-century ago. From humble beginnings, Kin Village now serves hundreds of people every day. The community center's hub offers programs and services around what residents love to do, including jazzercise and ballroom dancing.

You will discover:

· How to assess a residential community, not only for the activities it provides but for the encouragement and inclusion that engages you or your loved one to participate.

· How ageism is still an issue in some residences, and what you can do about it.

· How the tide is turning to less ageist views and what it can mean to a vibrant senior residential community.

Dan is on the board of the International Federation on Ageing. You will hear the challenges and issues, including older women, technology, environmentalism, and healthcare equity, the IFA is tackling now and at its 16TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE on July 27 in Bangkok, Thailand.

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