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Aging is at the Tipping education, and healthcare are at stake.

How will you or your media outlet cover this big story?

Are you working on a story or need a guest or resource material associated with aging?

Adriane is a leading communicator on issues of aging.

Some timely interview topics:

  • Covid-19 and Age Wars
  • The Longevity Dividend of Covid-19
  • The New Moonshot: The 100-Year Life
  • Covid-19 and the End of Retirement
  • Longevity Inequality: The Hidden Tragedy

Adriane is the Director of The Kitalys Institute for delaying and preventing the diseases of aging.

Adriane is a New York Times Age Boom Fellow, awarded by the International Longevity Center, now at Columbia University.

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If you are working on a story that involves aging, longevity, retirement or ageism, Adriane can contribute with resources, statistics, live interviews and appearances.