Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I never thought I would live past fifty.

When I reached fifty-five, I became fascinated with the possibility that  everyone could have a kick-ass-old age. I decided to turn my career from personal finance journalism to Age Beat Journalism. I entered the New York Times fellowship program at The Longevity Center, Directed by Pulitzer winning author Dr. Robert Butler.

Through the program, I gained an in-depth knowledge of the issues of aging, aging inequality, and its ethical considerations.

I wrote one of the first financial books based on living the 100-year life: How Not to Go Broke at 102, Wiley.

I helped clients offer goods and services to boomers and seniors without perpetuating ageist myths and images.

But then, I observed that people of all economic levels were struggling with one unifying issue of aging.They had no real place for contribution.

Even today, retirement means enforced leisure. The world expects too little of its elders and loses out on the skills and brainpower of millions of people.

I also discovered that the tremendous age-inequality gap is more than economic.

It is cultural, environmental, and attitudinal.

So I Set Out to Something About It

I speak on live and virtual platforms on motivating ourselves to look forward to the many years ahead. I see no reason why anyone must stop dead in their tracks at age 65.

I write a weekly blog, “Aging for Beginners”.  It is best to start preparing for a kick-ass-old age when you are young.

Through Pass It On Network, and the United Nations NGO On Aging NYC, I work to effect change.

Contact me if you are looking for a speaker, spokesperson, or want to work together in other ways.

I am always happy to talk with you.



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