Thought-Provoking, Effective, Funny and Motivating

"Adriane brings a fresh, funny, yet profound voice to issues of aging. Whether you have a consumer or business audience, Adriane opens their eyes to the future of personal and global aging." Strategies for Retirement

Adriane Berg is one of the most credentialed and recognized speakers in the field of aging. Her presentations employ humor, case studies and extensive audience interaction to make a lasting impact.


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Let Adriane craft a topic and presentation for your unique audience and your individual needs.

Tell Adriane the action that you would like your audience to take, the Mission, or Goal you want to achieve.

You will be amazed at the insightful, audience-pleasing presentation that Adriane creates to set your event apart.

Consumer Events

Consumer Events

You’re Never Too Old to Be Who You Could Have Been

Successful Aging and Relevancy in an Ageist World

The 7 Challenges of Longevity

Aging and Life Purpose

Sales & Staff Training

Sales & Staff Training

Breaking the Mold--How to Create Organic Change in Your Senior Care Facility

The Dignity Index--Seeing, Hearing and Mobility in Mature Design

Lensing--How to Look at What You Offer Through the Eyes of the Boomer and Mature Adult

Audience Favorites

Audience Favorites

Aging-in-Place--Your Roadmap for Lifelong Independence

Life Pacing--Your New Life Event Calendar

What Will You Call Your Robot?--CareBots, FriendBots, and Digital Health



Making the Retirement Transition--From Housing to Life Purpose: Making Retirement Work for You

Finding the Positive Deviant--Problem Solving in Senior Housing

The Changing Face of Caregiving--Technology and Long-Term Care

Lead Generation for Financial Advisors

Lead Generation for Financial Advisors

Your Passport to Longevity--A Day Long Workshop in Ageless Living

The Retirement Income Explosion--How to Pay for the 100-Year Life

It's Never Too Late to Find Your Bliss--Resources and Exercises in Lifelong Relevancy and Contribution



The Future of Aging--Healthcare, Technology, Housing and Life Expectancy in the Fabulous Decades Ahead

Changing the Narrative on Aging--How Old You Are is Up to You with the 7 Step Protocol for Successful Aging

Age Biz-Tap into the Most Educated and Lucrative Demographic in History

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Praise for Adriane Berg

Mary Malloy--Hotec Conference

Mary Malloy–Hotec Conference

"Thank you for your great work--The conference really was successful from all of the feedback I received"

Fran Meyers--OSHA Lifelong Learning

Fran Meyers–OSHA Lifelong Learning

"Ms. Berg delivers excellent one-hour speeches to the groups on aging and design, emphasizing aging and dignity through design technology.  Her sessions are funny and very in depth, without being dull.  Everyone takes away lots of immediately useful information."

Gunnar Baldwin--TOTO USA

Gunnar Baldwin–TOTO USA

"Ms. Berg spoke to groups of architects on "universal design", educating them, and promoting our company, seamlessly. We hired her for five meetings with AAA members."

Prya Chan--Questex

Prya Chan–Questex

"I would recommend Adriane as a speaker for your organization."

Cindy Fielding--Women's American ORT

Cindy Fielding–Women’s American ORT

"We really want you to know how terrific your presentation was at the ORT High Tea…you are so articulate, concise, your knowledge in the field of money, planning, and gifting is vast, yet you were so easy to follow because you were organized."

Alan Babbitt--Conference Attendee

Alan Babbitt–Conference Attendee

"Adriane is very informative but most importantly a whole lot of FUN. She makes what could be a very dreary subject into something very exciting."

Schedule a no-fee consultation...

If you are interested in booking Adriane for a Speaking or Keynote Presentation, whether live or virtual, Please Contact her for a free consultation.

Adriane In Action

Schedule a no-fee consultation...

If you are interested in booking Adriane for a Speaking or Keynote Presentation, whether live or virtual. Please contact her for a free consultation.