This week on Generation Bold: The Fountain of Truth, I interview my personal fitness guru Risa Olinsky who made me healthier, more fit, and better built at 73

Risa Olinsky is the author of Why Walk?The book motivates you to Create a Lifestyle YOU can LIVE With... And she is the President of FreeWalkers, the international walking organization.
Are You Ready To...?
· Better manage your time?
· Lose weight?
· Improve your eating habits?
· Sleep better?
· Carve out the time to exercise?
· Feel less stressed and anxious?
· Breathe more deeply and relax?
· Fit more steps into your day?
If so, you must hear Risa on:
· What motivates us to move?
· How do people discover the joys of simply walking?
· How to transform yourself from a couch potato to a FREEWALKER, whether walking: In the woods or in the city…Alone, with friends or in a group…Morning or the evening? …Home or on vacation?
During the show, you will get details of my invitation to WALK WITH ME in February 2023 around the Potomac River! The folks at organize the event. FreeWalker’s mission is: To advance the health and well-being of the public by educating, motivating, and challenging people to participate in long-distance walking events. A non-profit 501(c)3 organize events and provide information designed to encourage the practice of walking. The group is free and open to everyone. They encourage each member to accomplish challenging goals as we work together, experience and promote pro-pedestrian issues.