Podcast Guest: Tom Murphy, TRUST BioLogic

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Guest: Tom Murphy, TRUST BioLogic

Tom Murphy is the founder and CEO of TRUST Biologic, a bioceutical research and development company focused on creating products that enable you to lead an exuberant life - at any age. Its key products are geared towards natural cannabinoid-enhanced therapeutic modalities. You deserve reasonably priced, high-quality wellness products, and TRUST Biologic understands how overwhelming it is trying to find the right ones. That’s why their licensed estheticians and PhD chemist board members have built our products specifically for Baby Boomers like you based on actual feedback and usage.
Science will continue to unveil many health benefits of cannabis, but as far as the greatest generation is concerned, there is promising evidence of relief for many age-related concerns. The use of TRUSTed cannabis, cannabinoid, CBD, CBG, and terpene infused formulations could encourage that we feel ease, and embrace aging.
He got into professional skincare 15 years ago. As a man in a female-dominated profession, he quickly became known as a “skincare guy” by his peers in and out of the industry. Once the Farm Bill passed in 2018, Tom used his experience in skincare and medicinal cannabis as a starting point to introducing Baby Boomers to the restorative properties of cannabinoids.
Soon thereafter, he added, “e-commerce” and “CBD guy” to his repertoire with the launch of an online skincare and wellness company focused on the Baby Boomer generation.