Podcast Guest: Dr. Tara Thiagarajan, Mental Wellness


Generation Bold: Guest: Dr. Tara Thiagarajan, Mental Wellness

Dr. Tara Thiagarajan, is the Founder and Chief Scientist at Sapien Labs a nonprofit research organization with the mission to understand and enable the human mind. She led a lively discussion of why younger people are suffering from mental ill health in growing numbers, and why elders are doing so much better. If you have adult children or grandchildren that seem stressed, you will want to hear what Dr. Tara has to say. Much of the cause of distress may come from communicating digitally instead of personally.
Sapien Labs’ two major program areas are the Human Brain Diversity Project which relates brain and other physiological metrics to life experience and outcomes and the Mental Health Million Project which surveys our evolving mental wellbeing across the globe to understand its evolution and the social determinants that drive mental wellbeing.