Where to Turn If You or a Relative May Need Assisted Living


Guest-Becky Bongiovanni, Brand President of CarePatrol

Does Mom or Dad seem confused, less cleanly, more unable to participate in family gatherings? Are you realizing that you may need more help in the home, finding it harder to adjust to physical changes, or feeling more isolated? Do Not Turn a Blind Eye to these changes.


  • How to spot significant changes in those you love
  • How to get help in the home
  • How to judge an assisted living community
  • How to “road test” a community
  • How to pay for the best in class without breaking the bank
  • What relocation services need to know from you to help select your best new life community

Becky is co-founded CarePatrol in 2009. Under her leadership, CarePatrol has grown to 150 locations across thirty-three states.