Not Science Fiction–Focused Ultrasound: A noninvasive process for Treating Cancer, Parkinson’s, and hundreds of other illnesses and conditions. Guest: Dr. Neal Kassell


Focused Ultrasound delivers medication and can diagnose illness through a noninvasive procedure that pinpoints and targets 160+ conditions, including cancer and Parkinson's. It may be the future of medicine, and it is not science fiction.

Dr. Neal Kassell is the founder of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation. He was Vice President Joe Biden's appointee to the National Cancer Institute and the Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel. Dr. Kassell was on the Global Future Neurotechnology and Brain Science Committee of the World Economic Forum. So, this is somebody who knows the truth in medicine. If he is focusing on Focused Ultrasound, there is a good reason. Discover what Focused Ultrasound can mean for you and your loved ones.