Meet Gramps Jeffery, aka Marc Joseph…a double-threat guest with books on grandparent influence and starting an online retail business after retirement.

Gramps/Marc is interviewed in this two-part podcast on both his topics of expertise:
#1. Do you want to be an influential grandparent?
Discover what Gramps has to say about:
· Techniques for getting grandchildren interested in books and the importance of reading to your grandchildren.
· Handling parents that feel you are interfering with their parenting by making suggestions about your grandchildren.
· Navigating a long-distance relationship with your grandchildren.
· Understand the help-needed signals of the youngest toddlers.
· Why the Max Planck institute says you HAVE MORE INFLUENCE on your grandchild's aging than tv or the internet!
And share with your grandchild Gramp's latest book for young children, I Don't Want to Turn 3
Stay on for the second half of our podcast to discover how you can fulfill your dream of retailing your art, products, services, and even other people's stuff on ETSY, eBay, Amazon, etc.
Suppose you want to ignite your inner retail entrepreneur or make a extra dollars after retirement. In that case, Marc Joseph/aka Gramps Jeffrey, tells you how you can create lucrative post-retirement income with his seminal business book The Secrets of Retailing, or: How to Beat Wal-Mart!