Generation Bold–Meet Retirement Coach Eric J. Weigel, Founder of Retire with Possibilities and Author of Reimagining Retirement: 9 Keys to True Wealth


Ten years ago, Eric thought he was on his way to a happy retirement after his career in finance was over. Then his life turned upside down. He and his wife divorced after a 23-year marriage, Eric moved out of the house they had just remodeled, and the Financial Crisis wiped his post-retirement flexible income stream away.

His transition led to soul searching for real meaning after retirement, and he discovered a formula for:

  • More adventure in your life
  • Being in better shape
  • Having more exciting volunteer positions, travel, and hobbies
  • Being happier and more fulfilled in retirement

Eric calls our Third Age the age of fulfillment. “No longer are career advancement, financial gain, and child-rearing the focus of our lives. We are now exploring what to do with our freedom and can do what we find interesting and purposeful as our time commitments wind down. This phase of life typically lasts 20 to 30 years.”

The interview helps you, in Eric’s words, “consciously design their journey into the Third Age by sharing thought-provoking ideas, resources, and tools in all aspects -financial as well as non-financial – affecting the quality of our experience.”