Meet The Man Who Started the Longevity Tsunami: Aubrey De Grey


Sporting his signature long beard and youthful lanky frame, British biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey is a leader in rejuvenation and a controversial figure even among geroscientists and Longevitists. Promoting the idea that we are at the tipping point of vastly increasing healthy years and critical of regulators that stand in the way, de Grey can persuade you that we can live to 150 or more.

But…read his books, and you will discover that his suggestions are easy to follow, down to earth, and realistic. He has said:

“I believe that the main reason for this tragic myopia is a phobia about aging that is so ancient and deep-seated that it overpowers the rationality of nearly all of us, even the most intelligent and educated. Aging holds us in a psychological stranglehold, preventing us from even contemplating the idea of its medical conquest.”

This is a not to be missed interview.