Generation Bold–Hear my interview with Dr. Robert Lufkin–Lies I Taught in Medical School–as he exposes the comfortable lies pushed by mainstream medicine for the last fifty years—and reveals the harsh truth.

lufkin lies

Dr. Robert Lufkin helps people live longer and enjoy life. He is a metabolic health and longevity expert. He is also the host of the Health Longevity Secrets Podcast with hundreds of thousands of listeners. In addition to being a practicing physician, Dr. Lufkin has served as a professor at UCLA and USC medical schools and is the author of more than two hundred peer-reviewed scientific papers and thirteen books.

Sounds like he should know how to be healthy…right? Wrong! Dr. Lufkin ate right, and he took his prescribed medications. 

But...He was dying anyway but did not know why!

Hear his revealing expose of what doctors get wrong and why.

  • Cure beats prevention…Wrong!
  • We are not in control of our aging and disease…Wrong!
  • There are drugs like rapamycin that could prevent all the diseases that become devastatingly chronic…Right!

Robert realized everything he thought he knew about mainstream diet advice, prescription drugs, and the cause of disease was completely wrong. Through the hard-hitting research of his friend, investigative journalist Gary Taubes, Robert learned how special interests dictate national health guidelines and how “healthy” foods kill. That is when Robert realized that the same science, he was teaching at medical school was killing him.

If you are interested in the new longevity drugs like Metformin and Rapamycin, want inspiration to control your health, understand why your doctor seems less informed than you are about health breakthroughs and want to get on my bandwagon to make sure we all have Longevity Equality, discover:

  • How chronic diseases are all linked by common root causes overlooked by our system
  • What financial incentives, simple human error, and other factors drive the soaring rates of chronic disease
  • How Robert was able to reverse deadly diseases in himself with lifestyle changes anyone can do
  • How you can keep medical errors from ruining your health