Control Your Health Future with a Health Score–Prevent Illness and Protect Your Longevity: Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Dlott, Quest Direct

If you have heard about super expensive body analysis that biohackers use to ‘read’ their bodies for signs of illness that can be prevented decades before it is too late, you will be interested in how a new program Democratizes the process, and puts you in control through an affordable program—diagnosing the possibility of colon cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and numerous other conditions, and the body conditions you are harboring that can promote illness.
Discover a breakthrough in predicting, preventing, delaying, and managing your health to take control of your healthy longevity. Quest Direct, a new service from Quest Diagnostics, enhances and simplifies your road to healthy longevity with affordable, non-invasive tools. The result is your personal Health Score to stay in control of your future as the years roll by.
My guest, Dr. Jeffrey Dlott directs the Quest Direct program and gives us hints and tips to keep on top of our individualized Health Scores. Once you have a Health Score baseline, you can make a lasting difference and gain motivation to make your lifestyle a weapon against disease.