Podcast Guest–Amie Clark, TheSeniorList

amie clark

Generation Bold Radio, May 31, 2020--Guest: Amie Clark, TheSeniorList

The Visionary Behind TheSeniorList
It doesn’t matter if you’re 55 or 95 years young, Amie Clark believes that anyone can embrace life with quality advice and the right resources. That’s why she created TheSeniorList.com over 10 years ago.
As a social worker, blogger, entrepreneur, and aging adult advocate—Amie has been helping seniors and their loved ones for 20+ years. She has worked several years in long term care, and she’s even built a company that specializes in geriatric care management and senior housing advisory.
Without a question, Amie is a well-respected expert voice on senior care topics.
With two spunky grandmothers as her inspiration, Amie knows the joys, challenges, and hardships that come with aging. This fuels her passion for helping seniors and caregivers like you. Amie sees it as her privilege to share her expertise in helping older adults thrive as they enter this new and exciting stage of life.