Podcast Guest: Holiday Special–Rich Little from 2015

rich little

Generation Bold Radio, Holiday Special--Guest: Rich Little from 2015

Rich Little got his start just like almost every other comic of his time - night clubs.
He was a very popular comic in these clubs, but if there was one thing Rich was best known for, it was impersonations.
He studied the voices of many stars his whole life, stars like James StewartJohnny CarsonDon RicklesDean MartinTruman Capoteand George Burns.
In the late 1960s, Rich was dubbed "the best impressionist in the world." During the 1970s, however, a rivalry began between him and fellow impressionist Frank Gorshin, who is five years older. Ultimately, Rich overpowered Gorshin and remained the best impressionist in the world.
In 1973 Rich became more associated with Dean Martin and made countless appearances on the "Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts," honoring most of the people he impersonated.