Podcast Guest: Dr. Connie Newman, Womens’ Medicine


Generation Bold Radio, Guest: Dr. Connie Newman, Womens' Medicine

In her own words:
I learned of Metabesity 2020 from Charlotte Tomic, AMWA, and wonder whether you might have some time to talk about the conference.  Also, I would be happy to be interviewed about COVID 19 and women's health.
I am an endocrinologist with certification in Obesity Medicine,  affiliated with NYU and a former President of AMWA.  I have regulatory experience and am a member of the FDA Endocrine and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee.  I also have worked for many years on large RCTs of statins evaluating efficacy in reducing atherosclerotic diseases, and safety.  In November,  I will be speaking at an international meeting debating statin use in the elderly.
My other interest is in sex and gender medicine, and my textbook on this topic will be available in late October, published by Elsevier.