Our annual Valentine’s Day Show—Lift your heart with intimacy coach, Allana Pratt

Pratt 2
How’s your marriage…I mean, really, how is it?
Has the loss of a spouse closed your heart to meeting someone new?
Does death or divorce make you feel that love is never available again?
Does your long marriage (mine is 52 years) need a revitalizing kick?
Have you been single for decades, and think that partnership has passed you by?
Let me introduce you to Allana Pratt, The Intimacy Expert, www.allanaprat.com, and her new app, HEARTMATE.APP, Author of 6 bestsellers on intimacy, and Leading Couples and Relationship Coach
. Tools for love fulfillment
.Why inner discovery leads to lasting relationships
.Why dating services keep you solo
. How to keep yourself open to new relationships while working through grief
.Why you need you before you need anyone else
Plus a love-giving exercise help celebrate Valentine's Day.