My guest, Helen Heavirland, is an author, speaker, and encourager with multiple award-winning books.


Do you know you have a book inside you ‘somewhere’ but have trouble getting the words on the page? Are you ready to write your memoirs, family history, inspirational tales, informative books, and children’s books but do not know where to start?


My guest, Helen Heavirland, is an author, speaker, and encourager with multiple award-winning books. Helen loves to teach grandparents and others to write their simple (or extraordinary) experiences into stories that intrigue younger generations and inspire them. You, too, can write stories that transform the future.


During my interview with Helen, you will discover:

  • How to write for one person and captivate many
  • How to write from the heart, not the head
  • How to inform authentically and not sound pedantic or dry
  • How to know when your writing is publish-worthy


Helen guides you with her foolproof method …GEM…to help you write your:

Memoirs or inspirational stories, with her courses for beginning writers:

“3 Keys to Writing Stories that Inspire Your Grandkids.”

“Write Your Memories”



Upcoming BookSurviving the Sand, June 2022

Helen Heavirland’s family moved from a comfortable home in the beautiful woods of Oregon’s Coastal Mountain Range to the desert in Eastern Washington. Thanks to Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River, irrigation had become available. Helen’s family, along with many other families, broke sod and tried to farm desert. It was like pioneering a hundred years late.


Eking out a living was tough at first—the first winter, the family slept outside under blankets of snow. But the family works together, plays together, struggles together, and, ultimately, wins together.


Writing Awards:

Writer’s Digest—Honorable Mention, Children’s Fiction—King of the Cabbages

Cascade Award

2022 Finalist, Unpublished Children’s Picture Book—King of the Cabbages

Winner to be announced June 25, 2022

2020 Winner, Published Nonfiction Stories—“A Christmas Tradition to Treasure.”

2019 Winner, Published Articles and Blog Posts—“Forget Not”

2017 Winner, Published Memoir—My God is Bigger

2013 Winner, Unpublished Poetry/Gift Books—Gospel According to Fido