How to Become a Better Partner, Parent, and Person; Guest Alex Bäcker

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This week on Generation Bold: The Fountain of Truth Podcast hear genius inventor Dr Alex Bäcker make us a better lover, parent, leader, son, daughter, friend, or partner? He set out to write a life's-best-practices book for his adult children in case he didn't survive his planned expedition to Africa.
Famous publishers and business coaches recommended Bäcker publish the book — not only for his children, but for the rest of the world. And he did. "101 Clues to a Happy Life."
In our interview you will discover how to:
Get paid to travel the world.
Choose a mate and go after love.
Pick a career
Deal with jealousy and fear. > Use alternatives to the words, "I'm sorry."
Get anyone's attention.
Prioritize what's most important to you.
Alex Bäcker, Ph.D. holds 11 patents and in 2021 was named among the top 100 MIT Alumni in Technology. His seminal papers on COVID and sunlight were picked up by the press around the world. He is co-founder of Drisit, a platform to fly drones anywhere, and QLess, which won multiple awards for eliminating waiting in line for hundreds of millions. He is a scientist, inventor, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur