How Far Would You Go to Live Longer and Healthier? One Day You May Have to Decide.


Liz Parrish is one of the bravest and most controversial figures in the exploding field of Longevity. Liz is called ”Patient Zero” because she has used herself as a guinea pig for gene therapy to reverse aging. The procedure required Parrish to go to Colombia and other countries for treatment. The Result… look at her picture. Her biological age dropped five years every year after her treatments, done in 2015 and in 2020. She is biologically 25, chronologically in her forties, and started with a 66-year-old biomarker profile.

She is an innovator, and an investor and promoter of Gene therapy for Longevity. Her company,  BioViva Science, asserts that governments, including the US, must look at gene therapies to have a shot at healthy Longevity.

Some say she is a prophet of the future, and some that she is exposing people to unnecessary risk. But Liz is now helping those interested in gene therapy by taking them off-shore for medical tourism to get procedures unavailable in many first-world nations.

How do you feel about efforts for extreme Longevity? Get the picture on our Generation Bold Podcast: The Fountain of Truth as I interview Liz, a stalwart and sophisticated ambassador for transhumanism and radical Longevity.