In our podcast this week, I interview Ronald J. Surz, author of Baby Boom Investing In The Perilous 2020s


Is the economy haunting your retirement peace of mind? Are inflation and the stock market dampening your retirement dreams…or forcing you to keep working?

In our podcast this week, I interview  Ronald J. Surz, author of Baby Boom Investing In The Perilous 2020s, co-host of the Baby Boomer Investing Show, President of Target Date Solutions, and CEO of GlidePath Wealth Management. His passion is helping his fellow baby boomers at this critical time in their lives when they are relying on their lifetime savings to support a retirement with dignity.


  • The facts about Target Funds…what are they, and how can you access if they are right for you
  • What to expect in the near-term markets?
  • How to find the advisor that fits your needs and temperament
  • Why money is just the basics, there is more to retirement enjoyment and legacy
  • Is it time to take a loan against your home or a reverse mortgage?
  • Understanding the retirement risk zone
  • The power of the annuity to your retirement security

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