Podcast Guest–Liz Grantham, Optimal.me

Generation Bold Radio, May 24, 2020--Guest: Liz Grantham, TheOptimal.me

TheOptimal.me is a functional movement training app for people 40+. By training in functional movements - which aid in the execution of normal daily tasks - as a stand alone or supplemental workout, people can experience aging with less pain, increased strength, enhanced mobility, and more physical and mental confidence. As a thriving but overstressed entrepreneur, Liz Grantham was experiencing both physical and mental failing. And she wasn't going to stand for it. So she committed to a program of functional movement which changed her life. In order to share it with others, she founded the site with her personal trainer. In addition to offering video representations of the program, they provide deep mind-body-spirit content about getting older, bolder, and better.

Liz has over 30 years’ experience in marketing & advertising providing innovative, integrated, thoughtful solutions for global clients like Visa, Shell and Sony Mobile, working on various projects including the Olympics.

Her love of a challenge and making BIG things happen, together with a need to manage the stress that comes along with running a business, endless deadlines, keeping clients happy, being a present and mindful mom – led her on the journey to what has become “TheOptimal.me”. This is her greatest challenge yet!